“If the world were clear, art would not exist.”
-Jorge Luis Borges
Artists absorb the world around them. Their environments, that
which they can feel and touch and see – and that which they can’t. Sometimes that which they can only dream of.  They absorb it and translate it into a language that affects us all in some way.
This project is a study of translations. I presented 25 artists within Second Life with a concept of creating art with these words in mind: Drowning. Melting. Polar bears. Arctic. Culpability. Corporate greed. Inevitability.  Extinction.
What they have done is breathtaking and beyond any realm of my expectations.
Welcome to Melt – Please explore and involve yourself in this temporary world created here. Interact with it, wear it, enjoy it and immerse yourself in it.
Melt is only open  March 6 – March 21,
Taxi to Melt

look 1:
Hat: NANNI hat silver by * Donna Flora *
Skin:tb- Arctic Spill by tb (Melt event)
Hair: !lamb. The Chills – Ink by !lamb.
Stole Arctic Stole by *RunoRuno* (Melt event)
Tank: “NINIKO”TANK-hem(white) by NINIKO
Face Snowflake: Oh, Snowflake! (White) by Magic Nook (Melt event)
Gloves: Arctic Gloves by *RunoRuno* (Melt event)
Pants: bleach pants by poison
Skirt: Schadenfreude Polar Tartan Beorn Kilt, schoolgirl by Schadenfreude (Melt event)
Boots: Arctic Boots by *RunoRuno* (Melt event)

Look 2:
Skin:Arctic Spill by tb (Melt event)
Hair: Ecce homo/enchant(snow) by SyDS (accesory fair)
Melt ice: System Meltdown by epoque (Melt event)
Boots:DUH! Polar Bear Feets by Split Pea (Melt event)

Look 3:
Skin:-tb- Arctic Spill by tb (Melt event)
Hair:[SC Hair] Lawless – Licorice (Melt event)
Outfit:Lark – Mourning Dress (Melt event)
Shoes:-Saffron Pumps by LeLutKa
Marionet:- MELT Marionette by SC (Melt event)
Gloves: Arctic Gloves by RunoRuno (Melt event)

Look 4:
Skin: Arctic Spill by tb (Melt event)
Hair:Hair] Lawless (F) – Caramel by SC (Melt event)
Coat:FurCoat_G2_SilverFur by AOHARU
Outfit: Polar melt outfit by Miel (Melt event)
Shirt:Mr. Harp and his Amazing Oil Deal – Art Tee by This is a fawn (Melt event)
Jeans: Denim Quarry #01 by Emery (new)
Boots: Far Boots polar edition by Miel (Melt event)
Mask:: Polar Bear Mask – Melt! by SPLIT PEA (Melt event)
Earings: Arctic Pearl Earring by [MAGIC NOOK] (Melt event)
Watch: Time is Running Out by lark (Melt event)