Look 1:
Hair – AMANDA 3 hair in AlmostGoth by [Lelutka](By Thora Charron) (NEW!)
Skin – ::JiP:: Cream – LinerLarge RedFaded CL1 by :: DUTCH TOUCH : (Iki Ikarus) (NEW!)
Jacket – Spiky Reception Jacket in Coal Left by (Royal Blue) ( Marni Grut) (NEW!)
Top – Race TOPS by Shampooo ( Miru Luik)
Skirt – Popoya skirts in begonia by ::{u.f.o}:: (Charming Meiler) (NEW!)
Leggings -*RibboN*Blacklace_Tights3 by Ribbon (Mao Melody)
Belt – Altea belt in black by LaGyo ( Gyorgyna Larnia)
Shoes – Enya in Black wash by :: Kookie :: ( Kookie Lemon)
Photocamera – Digital SLR Camera ShoulderCamBag by **Stash** (Gonzus Decosta)
Scarf – Winters Coming Scarf in Off Milk by (Royal Blue) ( Marni Grut) (FREE)
Brooch:Dangerous diamonds brooch gold by LaGyo (Gyorgyna Larnia)
Sunglasses: THE HYPE SUNGLASSES (black) by [[SHADE THRONE]] (Undo Hermano)

Look 2:
Hair: [AMANDA hair – Syrup by LeLutka] (Thora Charron) (NEW!)
Hat: BORGHILD hat/wood by [LeLutka] (Thora Charron)
Skin: ::JiP:: Cream – LinerLarge FuchsiaFad CL2 FR HB by :: DUTCH TOUCH : (Iki Ikarus) (NEW!)
Necklace: Clock Necklace ! by Shampoooo (MIRU Luik)
Shirt: ][AV][dress circle white by ][AWRAM-VIIE][ (Miraiwave Iwish)
Skirt: {WY} Leopard Gradient Skirt by Wasted Youth (kendall Freenote) (NEW!)
Gloves: – Gloves Studded #Black by Emery (sunami Beck)
Belt: LaGyo_Basic chain belt gold by LG CONCEPT (Gyorgyna Larnia)
Leggings:Galaxy Leggings Purple 1 by {MV} ( Vo Pralou) (NEW!)
Boots: NAU Combat Boots by
(Khai Sinister)
Bag: Millenium Star-shoulder bag by Baiastice (Sissy Pessoa)

Close up:
Skin:::JiP:: Cream – LinerLarge RedFaded CL1 by :: DUTCH TOUCH : (Iki Ikarus) (NEW!)
Hair – AMANDA 3 hair in AlmostGoth by [Lelutka](By Thora Charron) (NEW!)
Ring: Raga oyster ring *pearl* (gold) by Zaara ( Zaara Kohime)

Look 1:
Hair – Siao Hair in Caviar by !*Bliss Hair*! (By Amutey Decuir)
Skin -04b Hunter Skin -Trinity- / hunter by *REDGRAVE* (Emilia Redgrave)
Lashes – Devilicious 04 by [glow] (By Anemysk Karu)
Top – Kylie Jumpsuit in Gold by *Bliss Couture* (By Amutey Decuir)
Skirt- Denim Tube in Black by Shampoo (By MIRU Luik)
Socks – Cable stitches Thigh high socks Upper in Brown by Shampoo (By MIRU Luik)
Shoes – Tough Love Boots in Tan and Gold by (Royal Blue) (By Marni Grut)
Necklace – Clarescis necklace copper by LaGyo (By Gyorgyna Larnia)
Bag – Depega bag in Brown by +BaL+ (By Barbara Luik)

Look 2:
Hair: MMShairMIA- Charcoal (Thora Charron)
Hair Accesorie: nonko requiem ribin by NONKO ROMANKAN (nonko Noel)
Skin: 07 Paper Skin -Trinity- / grunge by *REDGRAVE* (Emilia Redgrave)
Eyelashes: Devilicious 04 by [ glow ] (Anemysk Karu)
Top and Skirt: Yurim Dress Creme by Tee*fy (Azure Electricteeth)
Dress: [PEPE is my cat BODYSUIT] – ORANGE by *mijn.t* (Mijn Seoung)
Gloves: Jills Fighting Talk Gloves in Plumb Mistress by [LeLutka] (Marni Grut)
Belt: Viento Belt by Maitreya (Onyx LeShelle)
Stockings: Knit Stockings Brown by ~*RunoRuno*~ (Jojorunoo Runo)
Shoes: British Lofers -Brown by REDGRAVE (Viola Leigh)

Look 3:
Hair: Anne Hair – Caviar by Bliss Couture (Amutey DeCuir)
Skin: 01b Hunter Skin -Trinity- / silkmatt by *REDGRAVE* (Emilia Redgrave)
Eyelashes: Devilicious 04 by [ glow ] (Anemysk Karu)
Shoulders: Paito Dress Creme Shoulder by Tee*fy (Azure Electricteeth)
Dress: Med Fur Dress by Fume’ (Inex Hax)
Gloves: Jills Fighting Talk Gloves in Burn by [LeLutka] (Marni Grut)
Belt: VANESSA belt /violet-purpura by R.icielli (Fhara Acacia)
Stockings: Lace Stockings Orangey by ..::DARE::..
Shoes: 1a Madonna Heels -Brown&Gold by REDGRAVE (Viola Leigh)

Close up :
Skin:01 Paper Skin -Trinity- / innocent by *REDGRAVE*

para ninita!

1 Look (girl sitting in chair):

Hair: Nimue – Bistre by Maitreya (Onyx LeShelle)
Skin: – Hounds of love LIGHT Vessla by &Bean (Keiko Morigi)
Top: StraplessTop L- Satin Champagne by (Onyx LeShelle)
Undershirt: Savoir Top Bronze by Maitreya (Onyx LeShelle)
Skirt: BubbleSkirt Buckle2 sml violet by Maitreya (Onyx LeShelle)
Leggings: M * A * ii * K * I Long Legging Charcoal by Maitreya (Onyx LeShelle)
Gloves: M * A * ii * K * I PoofGlove Black (part of i Poof&Puff outfit) by Maitreya (Onyx LeShelle)
Necklace: Clarescis necklace by LaGyo ( Gyorgyna Larnia)
Shoes : Maitreya Gold – Hana cyan by Maitreya (Onyx LeShelle)
Pose: by Maitreya (Onyx LeShelle)

2 Look:

Hair: Siri – Strawberry Blond by Maitreya (Onyx LeShelle)
Skin: -LOLA_skissed-makeup1 by LeLutka (Minnu Palen)
Jacket: Camden Jacket * Sepia by Maitreya (Onyx LeShelle)
Skirt: Viento Skirt V1 * fucshia by Maitreya (Onyx LeShelle)
Belt: part of BubbleSkirt Buckle1 by Maitreya (Onyx LeShelle)
Top: Bodysuit Bubble – Violet by Maitreya (Onyx LeShelle)
Gloves: M * A * ii * K * I PoofGlove Black (part of i Poof&Puff outfit) by Maitreya (Onyx LeShelle)
Earrings: THE BIG HOOPS revised (red gold) by [[SHADE THRONE]] (Undo Hermano)
Shoes: Maitreya Gold – Hana black tiger by Maitreya (Onyx LeShelle)
Pose : by Dare (Chance Greatrex)

Taxi to Maitreya here

On me:

Hat: Qicksilver Hat by Boudoir (Vitabela Dubrovna)
Hair: fri. – Brande – Moody Brown by fri.day (Parvarti Monday)
Skin: [LeLutka]-LOLA_lgt- by ORTA (Minnu Palen) FREE
Bangle: LaGyo_Shield bangle silver/white by LG CONCEPT (Gyorgyna Larnia) NEW
Necklace: LaGyo_Crystal long necklace by LG CONCEPT (Gyorgyna Larnia) NEW
Jacket: -LMK- Flower embellished jacket by La Maison Kaestner (Polina Kaestner) NEW
Dress: Sophie gown in creme by [ORTA] (Valena Glushenko) NEW
Stockings: Maitreya Allure Girdle-Lower – White by Maitreya (Onyx LeShelle)
Shoes: Ashia Point Ballet Slipper Pewter by SLink (Siddean Munro)

On Natacha (scary bitch): (credits coming soon when she send me her styling card..)
Skin[LeLutka]-LOLA_lgt- by ORTA (Minnu Palen) FREE
Dress: by ORTA (Valena Glushenko) NEW
Belt: by R.icielli ( Fhara Acacia) NEW
Stockings: by Dare (Chance Greatrex)
Shoes: by LeLutka (Minnu Palen) NEW
Head accesory : by LG CONCEPT (Gyorgina Larnia) NEW

bags by ORTA

Taxi to ORTA


Hair: autumn chignon/side/coffee by BP* (BettiePage Voyager)
Hat: StrawHat_Natural *COCO* (cocoro Lemon)
Skin: [LeLutka]-LOLA_lgt-ORTA (Minnu Palen) FREE
T-Shirt: Tank #Sid & Nancy by Emery (sunami Beck)
Shirt: DungareeLongShirt_White by AOHARU (machang Pichot) NEW
Vest: feather on shoulder black by ][AV][ (Miraiwave Iwish) FREE
Shoulders: LaGyo_Napoleon copper/black by LG CONCEPT (Gyorgyna Larnia) NEW
Skirt: Folklore Flower Dressby [mixxES] (marron Vita)
Bag: Estelle bag in forest by [ORTA] (Valena Glushenko) NEW
Boots: Madeline peep toe booties ~ studded by {Meghindo’s} (Meghindo Romano)


Hair: p.c; Princess Heidi – Brown by Paper Couture (Ava Lu)
Skin: (fd) Bird Skin – Slasher 4 (Freckles) by (fd) (Toast Bard)
Eyelashes:Devilicious 04 by [ glow ] (Anemysk Karu) NEW
Earrings: Circle of Life Earring – Emerald by [Dekade.] (redsoledrea GossipGirl) NEW
Necklace 1: Circle of Life Necklace – Emerald by [Dekade.] (redsoledrea GossipGirl) NEW
Necklace 2: leather frilled necklace(w*b) by tram (moca Loup)
Blouse: tape blouse gr by :: fore :: (ruca Moyet)
Shoulders: Epaulette / Ahoy by Mimikri (Mimikri Kit)
Skirt: LaceRuffleSkirt_Black by AOHARU (machang Pichot) NEW
Bag: bag pathes lace by ][AV][ (Miraiwave Iwish)
Boots: FringeWesternBoots_Black by ANEXX NEW

Look 3:
Hair: fri. – Brande – Cranky Brown by fri.day (Parvarti Monday)
Earrings: *Julie*onyx earring gold by “R.A.Crystal” (Rama Anatine)
Skin: -LOLA_stan-makeup7(D Brows) by LeLutKa (Minnu Palen)
Necklace: Satyr Necklace by Chapeau tres Mignon (Megg Demina)
Shirt: Mahari sheer top *indigo* by Zaara (Zaara Kohime)
Dress: LaceRuffleSkirt_White ( i attached 2 skirts and did a dress) by AOHARU (machang Pichot) NEW
Belt: T.B :: Knock On Wood Sculpt Hat ( mix with emery belt) by TIMBERRY (Viewtiful Young)
Snake: Dark Brown Tree Snake by Zooby’s (Carrie Tatsu)
Bag: Stella clutch in Leaf (Gold) by [ORTA] (Valena Glushenko) NEW
Boots: FringeWesternBoots_Black by ANEXX (machang Pichot) NEW

poses by del may and poser alert

Hair: Eva-[brown] by Kin (Kin Keiko)
Jewerly: Beads earring gold / Shield bangle copper-white / Sense of life brooch copper by LG CONCEPT (Gyorgyna Larnia) (NEW)
Skin: Roots – Umeko – Gerber by Imabee (Brendon Papp) (NEW)
Sunglasses: Susie Cateye Shades – Tortoise Shell by Elate! (Kellie Iwish) (NEW)
Shawl: Shawl Silk ‘Treja’ {green} by :Mashooka: (Aradhana Voight) (old hunt gift)
Feathers: MVW Feather (L) by Bliss Couture (Amutey DeCuir)
Vest: Stripes Vest yellow by Tee*fy (Azure Electricteeth) (NEW)
Dress: Antique Dress Beige by {SMS} (Irie Campese) (COMING SOON)
Bag: Gordie Print Bag – French Feather by [Armidi Gisaci] (Nicole David)
Shoes: Ilaida Mojri *mocha* by Zaara (Zaara Kohime)) (NEW)

Hair: Megu Siennna L by *eha~
Hair Band: Braids headpiece petroil by LG CONCEPT (NEW)
Jewerly: Shield bangle gold / Battle brooch silver-black / Shield rings silver-black by LG CONCEPT (NEW)
Skin: RJ1[SkinTone01, MakeUp16, LipMoist] by Romi Juliesse
Eyelashes: eyelashes – Water – Water Drops by [ glow ] (NEW)
Vest: No collar denim Vest Used by ARGRACE
Shirt: Off-Shoulder Top ( Mint) by Tee*fy (NEW)
Shirt 2: 7 Days in Sunny June B Hem/white by *eha~
Belt: Basic chain belt silver by LG CONCEPT (NEW)
Skirt: blossom band long skirt. (sky loman).chiffon by ::{u.f.o}::
Bag: gacha flower bag-black by [[[nocc.]]]
Shoes: MANA Anessa SLV.2 Ebony by NX-Nardcotix

Look 1:
Hair: Cricket-[Sand] by Kin (NEW)
Hair Accesories: Nizam Tikka (head jewel) *color* by Zaara
Skin:::IsiS:: Cotton – SmokeyCat Red by DUTCH TOUCH
Glasses: Beachwood glasses Pink by [ glow ] (Coming soon)
Earrings: Solaris earrings by Morantique
Brooch: Vintage Ivory Cameo Brooch by *G&S*
Vest: Avana Fur Coat Body Prim Cream by *DNR*
Shirt: Slouchy Tank – Navy Stripes by Cockles. (NEW)
Belt: LaGyo Altea belt orange by LG CONCEPT
Skirt: Lita white – balze( is a cute dress , i used it as skirt) by -Glam Affair- (NEW)
Bag: Vintage 1920’s Black Bead Bag by *Yummy! (old freebie)
Fan: FallnFanWavingRegalSakura by FallnAngel Creations
Shoes: MANA Chelo Wedge SLV.2 Ivory by NX-Nardcotix
Tattoo: love has many faces tattoo by actchio.

Hair: Folded Braid hair/left side/brown by BP*
Hat: Straw Hat – Lace C by Cockles (NEW)
Skin:(fd) Bird Skin – Slasher 4 by (fd)
Eyelashes: Devilicious 04 by [ glow ] (NEW)
Necklace: LaGyo Gladiis necklace gold (colorchange) by LG CONCEPT (Coming soon)
Shawl: gipsy by 24
Dress: Lace / Suza beige by Mimikri
Bag: Anya bag(Gold-Gold) by [LeLutka]
Socks: culpted Socks with Raw Gems by Muhi (NEW)
Shoes: Pow Pumps (Black)v2.0 by [LeLutka]

On Dango:
Skin: LAQ ~ Pearl [Nougat]
Hair: >TRUTH< Lourdes – dark browns
Jacket:R.icielli – STEFANI blazer /beige
Bra: R.icielli – LARISSA minitop /floralblack
Skirt: R.icielli – ANTONIA highwaist skirt /purpura
Leggigs: Emery – Legging Roxe Lace
Shoes: [LeLutka]-Pow Pumps-FAT PACK(TwoToned)
Bag: [LeLutka]-BLENDA bag

On me:
Hair: Sleepyhead – Ink by !lamb.
Skin:[LeLutka]-LOLA_dark-makeup1(D Brows) by LeLutka
Glasses: Dandelion Frames – Gold by !lamb.
Earrings: THE BIG HOOPS revised (PLATINUM) by [[SHADE THRONE]]
Jacket: GABRIELA militaryjacket /purpura by R.icielli
Top: NOUVELLE Top/Cafe by –[LeLutka]
Shirt: – LARISSA minitop /floraldark by R.icielli
Shorts: ELEANOR highwaist short /cagan by R.icielli
Pants: CLARISSA highwaistjeans /leopard by R.icielli
Bag: BIRGER bag/cutis by [LeLutka]
Shoes: MANA Dezi Flat Sandal SLV.2 Canvas Black by NX-Nardcotix

On Nana:
Skin: Lucy smokey1-nude lips gloss pale -New by Lara Skin
Hair:Ambrosia – Butterfinger by !lamb.
Lashes: Devilicious 00 -New by [ glow studio]
Top: SOPHIA minitop /a1 -New by R.icielli
Short: ELEANOR highwaist short /purpura -New by R.icielli
Bag: MITU Bag/brown-New by [LeLutka]
Leggings:Leggins Tic Tac Toe Edition-New by Tee*fy
Shoes: Pow Pumps_(Powder Pink)-New by [LeLutka]-
Bangles: Boho bangles (beige-taupe-brass) by ~SIGMA~Jewels

On Carolina:
Skin: Ember – Fate (dkbrow) by [PF]
Hair: Lost – Kit Kat by !lamb.
Glasses: Adorable [NEW] by Mojoti Eyewear
Belt: VANESSA belt /purpura by R.icielli
Blouse: CANDYMAN shirt /purpura by R.icielli
Pants: GERMANOTTA highwaistpants /capuccino by R.icielli
Hat: COMMANDER hat /purpura by R.icielli
Neckalce: Karmuka necklace *wood* by Zaara
Bag: SALENTO Clutch/bronze [NEW] by [LeLutka]
Watch: Classic Tank Watch in Black/Gold (gold face) by ~Muse~
Shoes: Pow Pumps_L_ (Tan/Black) [NEW] by [LeLutka]

On Azure:
Skin – (fd) Bird Skin – Slasher 1 (Blonde Brows) (Toast Bard)
Hair – Kin-Cricket-[Sand] (Kin Keiko)
Jacket – Maitreya Short Trench * Ochre (Onyx LeShelle) NEW
Skirt – Maitreya Viento Silver (Onyx LeShelle) NEW
Make up – Tee*fy FaceDeco CRYING OUT LOUD (Azure Electricteeth) COMING SOON
Stockings – actchio. roselace tights in black (Silver Milneaux)
Necklace – LaGyo CIRCUS_Siamese twins necklace black (Gyorgina Larnia)
Headpiece – NANNI hat silver (mod) (Squinternet Larnia)
Bangles – *[MANDALA] TAKARA bangle/ Black Fur (kikunosuke Eel)
Shoes – Maitreya Gold – Aequus White (Onyx LeShelle)

On me:
Hair!lamb. Sleepyhead – Ink (Lamb Bellic) NEW
Skin:(fd) Bird Skin – Slasher 4 (Black Brows) (Toast Bard)
Eyelashes:[ glow ] eyelashes – Octopus Eye 01 (Anemysk Karu) NEW
Hat:R.icielli – COMMANDER hat /mustard (Fhara Acacia) NEW
Necklace:[[SHADE THRONE]] THE BIG BRONZE (Undo Hermano) NEW
Vest:*RibboN*Lace-vest(Black) (Mao Melody)
Shirt:.wo. IX mugshots (Aurelia Scarpulla)
Dress:Maitreya – Bastille Tie * Silver (Onyx LeShelle) NEW
Leggings:Emery – Legging Roxe Cloudy Under (sunami Beck)
Bag:[LeLutka]-SALENTO Clutch/bronze ( Azufr3 Catteneo) NEW
Shoes:Maitreya Gold – Aequus gold (Onyx LeShelle)
Bangles:*[MANDALA]TAKARA Bangle oriental Black Gold (kikunosuke Eel)
Balloon:Carnival / Balloon (M4ri1yn Magic) NEW

Taxi to maitreya

Pics taken in Utopia